Introducing the girl

I’ve been regularly journaling since the age of ten, and I still have all my paper journals in my room at home. Some are more cringe-worthy than others, and for a while I kept various internet journals as well. The only one that truly stuck was my LiveJournal, which I use for fan-thoughts; tv shows mostly. Since I am big on compartmentalizing, I figured I should branch out and try more “issue” writing, which I have done at the LiveJournal. It didn’t feel big enough with it’s ability to block anyone not “friended”, hence my move to Blogger [I did once have a blogger for a little bit before I stopped using it.]

I can’t promise no talk about entertainment, but I will place my weekly [slighly incoherent] reviews beind locked posts once the AMPTP decide to negotiate in good faith with the WGA again.

It is my hope that what I write here will open up debate, or at the very least, improve my rhetoric. It could be a reaction to an article or an article I found that I thought should be read. Maybe I will pull quotes from sources more reputable than me, or just try to base all these thoughts on the basis of my own thinking. At the very least, it will help me put my views in a spot I can find them easily at a different time.


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