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What does a German know?

Three Myths of the US Election Campaign [Der Spiegel]

Reading this website, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be, or maybe it’s the translation, but it always comes off and really bias and a little offensive. I still like to hear what Europe is thinking [German paper], and a different perspective is never a bad thing to have [and I love Obama for stating that in tonight’s debate].

My biggest issue with the article above, was the writer’s talk about how the Constitution was made for a divisive nation. (I also think it’s unwise to say that “change” is a new concept in the world of US elections, and although politicians like to play with the word “lobbyist” they mean a certain kind – the kind that give politicians money and other incentives to vote a certain way, but the kind that try to get their points across.)

Democracy thrives on differences of opinion, which translate into differences between parties. Promising to put an end to this ongoing dispute makes about as much sense as a supermarket manager announcing plans to combine the meat and produce departments — and justifying his decision by saying that the management wants to overcome the decades-long polarization between steak-lovers and vegetarians.

Citizens would be well-advised to demand disagreement and harsh words. The parties must remain partisan if voters are to have a real choice.

I understand where the writer is coming from, but this does not mean that Washington D.C. has to be a hostile environment or that the gridlock must be offensive in order to fix any problems. I think people should be able to trade ideas and to decide on their own what is the best decision for the people, regardless of party lines. It’s not too much to ask for politicians to listen to their “enemies” [or even call people not in their party the “enemy”], negotiate for the betterment of the people, and still be passionate about their own causes.

This idea of cooperation is the one thing that makes me not partisan and willing to bend my opinions to the truths I see. I think the world [and politics] would be a better place if that happened more often.


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