I feel like I should have something to say about this Super Duper Tsunami Tuesday, but I don’t really. I think Obama did a good job, and the tv media seems to be doing fine at spinning for both sides, but their websites skew toward Clinton, I think. California and New York, yeah, but who thought she wouldn’t win New York? In all earnestly, it was a major tie. Some people are saying Clinton won more delegates, some people are saying Obama will. It’s all about spin at this point.

If this day was even a week later, I think Obama would have made a much bigger impact. Alas, time was not on his side, and I think he has a really good chance at these later caucuses and primaries [mine included]. Obama’s was the best speech of the night though. Try to argue that. It was a lot bolder speech than he usually has, especially with the hits toward Clinton. I think this is going to help Obama more than it’s going to help Clinton. Obama managed to show, yet again, that he’s electable, that he’s more than just a “black candidate”. If there was any doubt in the voters’ mind, you can’t deny it from the states Obama won tonight.

I would also like to add that I adore Michelle Obama. She is a wonderful woman.

Also, I’m not sure the Democratic party is “divided by race and gender” as this pundit is claiming. Maybe some are preferring Clinton or Obama right now, but I wouldn’t say they wouldn’t vote for one or the either.

I think Romney is spending way too much money on something that will probably not pan out, and it’s a little sad. He’ll be fine, probably go back into business. The biggest surprise of the night for me was Huckabee. His winning so many states [especially when McCain is winning many typically democratic states]. Huckabee’s win definitely undercut Romney’s [and the media’s] desire for a two-man race, but this is definitely going to change the equation.

And people complaining that their count didn’t count because their state’s popular vote went to someone else; if it’s not a delegate-take-all, then it’s still a good chance your vote did count. Find your local vote numbers. Figure out how many delegates any of the candidates got.

It’s not much, or interesting, but I wanted to throw my two cents.

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