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We can change the world

Angela Davis came to UPS and talked about racism, and the lack of civil rights in this post-civil rights world. She said history is made by many anonymous people, but is remembered as individual struggles of heroic images [Martin Luther King, Jr. in this case].

As I was watching her, I couldn’t help but be drawn back to my memory of earlier that day; of seeing Barack Obama speak to a room of 18,000+ supporters, with an estimated 3,000 outside listening in, not twenty feet away from me. She also mentioned the election several times [how could you not? Clinton was just on campus earlier that day, Obama in Seattle that morning, as was Clinton the night before and McCain that afternoon, plus the state caucus was the day after]. Some people do view Obama as the next King; this messiah who will help change the world, and maybe he will. I’m not as idealistic as some, although I am a fervent Obama supporter. I believe he can enact change from the White House more efficiently than any other candidate standing and that he truly believes not just in himself, but in the American people. I don’t feel the same about the woman he’s running against at this moment.

And maybe he should be focusing more on policies than rhetoric, but he has expanded his policy talk some, and Clinton has also trailed from her message of policy in some places. I do need to exchange notes with my friends who saw Clinton on campus today.

Some things the Obama camp has going for it:
– The fact that the Clintons are reaching into their own pockets to keep funding their campaign and senior aides are going without pay means a big loss in momentum.

– I have no doubt that Obama can win a majority of Clinton supporters [“core” Democratic base, as they are saying in the media], but I have a hard time seeing many Obama supporters [especially independents and “Obama Republicans”, I met a few at the rally!] voting for Clinton in a general election, especially against the “moderate” McCain.

– February looks like it should be a knock-out for Obama [crosses fingers] with caucuses [which have favored Obama], and primaries with populations that favor Obama, which only adds to his mass momentum. The longer he is on the scene, the bigger his splash on people.

He’s got Obamaphilia by Joel Stein.
In a way, I agree with this article in the fascination and fan-like devotion to Obama, who is not an actor or a rock star, but a politician. When I first saw “Yes We Can” I thought it was slightly cheesy. His rally felt much more like a concert than a speech. And it was still amazing. If his message of hope and inspiration and reach over the border of mere rhetoric and people feel the power in themselves, I think he would have done his job. It’s not just about Obama changing the world, but giving people the reason to help change their world too.

Gregoire endorses Obama
Govenor Christine Gregoire endorses Obama!

Seattle’s Key Arena jammed for Barack Obama
I was there. It was amazing. I was second row, standing, facing the stage. Try to find me, because that’s what I’ve been doing.

I’m not sure why I ramble on so much about a topic most kids my age get bored of after ten minutes, but I will and I do and I am so very pumped.

His is a campaign not just about change of the system in DC [which should happen, not to kick out anyone who wants to discuss topics with Congress or the Executive branch, but to give each issue an equal amount of time and influence so that people make the best decision for the country instead of riding the coattails of the biggest corporations and industries], but a change in the way people view their government, and through that themselves. A change to seek Americans to go out and be the change you seek in the world [Ghandi] because we are the ones we’ve been waiting for [Obama, but also Alice Walker before him]. Maybe it’ a little cheesy, but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring.

As for the Barack Obama rally? He mentioned: the environment, spent a lot of time discussing education, both pre and post-university level [government paying for college, for the win, No Child Left Behind as is, for the lose], health care [having everyone insured who wants to be? Yes please, and with the same benefits as a congressman? YES. I would laugh hysterically if they would say that minimum wage should also be upped to their level. Would never happen, but you know? Maybe they should make less. Weed out the ones there for just power, as also money = power], Iraq, the Constitution [the fact that he used to teach Constitutional Law makes my heart flutter a little], and other things I will mention once I get some pictures to post.

He also hugged me. Or I hugged him. No matter, we hugged.

PS: I have been playing the songs from the rally over and over again in my head, without my permission of course.


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