2008 election, barack obama, politics

Established underdog?

The primary season just keep chugging along; even after Super Tuesday when no one was crowned in the Democratic race [but McCain is pretty much as sure bet for the Republican nomination no matter how loud the Right Wing media is yelling]. Over the weekend Obama won Washington State [8 delegates from my precinct, if you were wondering], Louisiana, Nebraska, and Maine; most by major points.

This lead in momentum is making the Clinton camp call Obama the “establishment” [which is obviously is not in this race], while at the same time criticizing his “inexperience”. The two can’t go hand-in-hand.

Former aide to John Edwards, Mark Kornblau, said “
[Obama will] be the underdog and the challenger until the day Hillary steps aside.” No matter how many states he seems to be winning; until Clinton decides it’s over for her, that is when the insurgent overcomes that underdog status.

Quote from Washington Post article


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