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It’s the delegates, stupid.

The Obama camp needs to stay more humble than they are doing right now. Plouffe needs to calm down and let the voters who haven’t voted yet decide what they want before he talks his way out of the nomination. This is still the Clinton machine they are up against and they need to wary of that fact. [Plouffe says “she can’t catch us”]

Clinton on Michigan, Florida, and Super delegates.

“You can’t care. You have to fight back. Those are the rules,” she said. “A delegate is a delegate is a delegate. On the floor, they all only get one vote.

She can be as passionate as she wants, but I draw the line at cheating. I draw the line at unfair advantages by keeping her name on the ballot in Michigan and campaigning in Florida. I draw the line at not letting the voters decide in what we consider a democracy, but is actually a Republic.

At this point, she should consider losing with grace. And if not losing, than appearing civil and fair in discussions like these. She will need the votes come November, if she makes it that far.

Nemazee. “How is that possible for the chair of the party to say the people of Pennsylvania or Puerto Rico don’t deserve to have their votes counted, particularly since neither of the two will have prevailed by then?” [source]

Problem is, the people of Puerto Rico don’t vote for delegates; the leader usually decides where all 63 delegates of their territory go. Yay democracy!


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