hillary clinton, iraq war, politics

Race and war

Keith Olberman speaks to Hillary Clinton

I’m not fawning over this clip, nor do I agree with everything he says, but it comes down to this: Senator, their words, and your own, are now slowly killing the chances for any Democrat to become president. [transcript]

And this: I’m tired of entitled and privileged assholes trying to spin one black man’s success as simultaneously indicative of post-racial politics and an unfair advantage system. Either he’s outstanding or he’s notwithstanding. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. [source]

There are some articles out that say that race did play a role in Obama’s meteoric political rise, but I disagree [and so does Joe Klein]. If so, the role of race paled in comparison to everything else Obama has on him; intelligence, openness while maintaining his values and judgment, charisma, obviously his oratory skills, and more; those are the characteristics that put him where he is today. But then again, maybe I’m just a crazy college kid who doesn’t know anything about the real world.

Since there seems to be an increase in people who think we will win The War [USA Today poll; click on Americans’ views on what’s next in Iraq]: Do I really thing The War is justified? No. There are other reasons, but that is one.


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