Obama Campaign Skewers Clinton E-mail Statement.

People tell me all the time that so-and-so shouldn’t be able to say such-and-such for the sake that they don’t agree with me and it seems discriminating. I’m one of the few who stands up for the first amendment rights of everyone, regardless of my opinion on the subject. We are approaching a self-policed state and that’s a bit scary. Democracy [or a Republic, which we are] can only stand when people are able to voice their opinions without being scared into silence. It doesn’t mean we should stop opposing such opinions, but allowing a public discourse on matters isn’t harmful to morality or policy.

Monsters, and Racists, and Sexists, Oh My!; The Monster of Identity Politics.

“But prostitution is — from my vantage point as a woman and a mother — a particularly unattractive and offensive kind of extramarital activity. I really believe it is none of my business, as a member of the public or the media, if a political or business leader has an affair. I don’t sit in judgment of other people’s marriages or their private lives. But prostitution isn’t just sex. Prostitution objectifies the women who engage in it, dehumanizes sex and sexuality, and turns both into commodities with a price tag.
What I couldn’t Teach Elliot Spitzer

Another “Dear Hillary” bit of advice by Chuck Plunkhaun

Obama walks Arrogance Line.
I’m not blind to any imperfection or flaw in my candidate of choice. It’s about issues, it’s about the comparison of one candidate over the other. I will have no qualms if there’s another Clinton on the ballot versus McCain, but that’s not the case now.

Clinton wrong about the Ohio comment


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