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Always something to say

How Will Hillary’s Bosnia Whopper Play in the Media? A criticism of the amount of power the media has on elections. They get to choose what to make a big deal of (Reverend Wright’s comments), and what to ignore (McCain’s Iran/al-Quaida thrice misspeak, Clinton’s hyperbolic choice of words) and what will make a bigger impact on the final story of this “three man” race.

I like seeing all sides of an argument if they’re presented in a tasteful and reasonable way. Is Obama the Right Choice? is a very interesting article from America Conservative. It’s always refreshing to see reasonable journalism from the right. The Republicans know how to manipulate, this much is true, but if you go back to true conservative platform, it’s really not that bad. I don’t agree with all, but I can understand most of them.

Seeing as McCain will be 72 by January 2009, Where’s Our Discussion on Age?

White America’s Blind Spot

Hillary Clinton has many admirable qualities, but candor and openness and transparency and a commitment to well-established fact have not been notable among them.

“Hillary values context; she does see the big picture. Hers, in fact, is not the mind of a conventional politician,” I wrote in A Woman In Charge. “But when it comes to herself, she sees with something less than candor and lucidity. She sees, like so many others, what she wants to see.”
Hillary Clinton: Truth or Consequence

Not to say it’s inherently bad, it’s just there.

[H]ow a candidate campaigns is a strong reflection on how that candidate governs. For example, we could tell from the 2000 election that George Bush would govern through a series of power grabs, Orwellian language, and with a total disregard for popular opinion. Barack Obama, by contrast, is campaigning through unprecedented national grassroots organizing, speeches that are becoming the stuff of legend, and the manifestation of a new political coalition that moves us away from the political alignment of 1968-2004. Too often, I have heard from the Clinton campaign and its surrogates about states and demographic groups that don’t matter. Such statements are a stark reminder of a recent version of the Democratic Party that takes its base for granted, and only campaigns in a select few swing districts. We need a Democratic Party that organizes and governs based on Barack Obama and Howard Dean’s campaign styles, rather than one that is based on Hillary Clinton’s and Terry McAuliffe’s.
Daily KOS, Open Left among the Blue Majority sites to endorse Obama

14% of Republicans, 10% of Democrats think Obama is Muslim which reminds me of a CSPAN caller who said something to the effect of “I can’t understand why anyone would vote for him. HIS MIDDLE NAME IS MUHAMMED . HE IS A MUSLIM. Do you know who we’re fighting in Iraq? MUSLIMS!” when his middle name is Hussein and he’s Christian. And we’re also fighting FOR Muslims in Iraq too. Spreading lies and hate isn’t good for the country.

Poor Governor Richardson, he had to go and write in the Washington Post defending his endorsement of Obama. Let the man do as he wants and stop attacking him for having his own thoughts.

Oh, and WA State Young Dems convention was fun.


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