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Formalizing television

I figured, as a way to formalize my rented cyber property, I would adopt a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting-by-5-west coast time schedule wherein I will share my television thoughts on Monday, news/political thoughts on Wednesday, and any topic(s) of my choosing Friday. Hopefully this will work out and I will be able to sort through my mangled brain operations enough to properly share my thoughts.

And it’s late, but I will do my first week-in-television recap.

How I Met Your Mother; What a grossly underrated, underviewed show. As far as the premiere of its fourth season, I loved it. I still don’t love Barney, arguably the fan favorite of the group. I hate how he manages to glorify his playboy way of life and it’s perfectly okay. I don’t find his arrogance charming. I loved his fake story to Lily about the Robin date and thought that was perfect, then he’s Barney again. Which is what makes everyone love him, but not me. And that’s okay. I adore Ted. Stella is moving toward iffy [I still don’t think she’s the mom, but what do I know? — STAR WARS]. Robin is my hero. Marshall was full fluff and awesome comedy relief. And other things.

Heroes; Um, what? Which is pretty much how I feel about this show every week. After [somewhat] digesting the first two episodes, which aired back-to-back. Mostly, it solidified my opinion that it’s pretty much a loosely thought out story that is similar to crack. I know it’s bad for me, but I come back to it every week, and mostly laugh at myself. It’s hard not to watch when Hiro is there being adorable and self-righteous, Peter is being moody and angry at everyone, Angela is just being badass, and the whole future of Earth rests in the hands of some incapable evolved peoples.

Chuck; I know it’s not officially from last week, but since it aired on NBC tonight, I will write a little bit. The episode was underwhelming, but good. It gives me reason to want my show back, and I am feeling the Chuck/Sarah for the first time. AND CASEY having a heart! But this is the only time they can do the “the new intersect blew up!” excuse. Also, FULCRUM IS BACK. I am stoked for more, but again, not the best episode. [I didn’t like the pilot that much on first watch either, it was episode two that hooked me.]

The Office; If you know anything about me, it may be that I am slightly obsessed with this mockumentary. It will probably be the longest review of every week.

So, I wasn’t dying of happiness? I don’t know why, and I need to watch it again, hopefully tonight but my download is super slow so probably tomorrow, BUT. I don’t know. I just – maybe there was something weird about this summer and September so far. I’m happy they’re engaged – finally, and it was adorable. I’m glad they did it so Jim didn’t plan on having the cameras see it. SO THANKFUL. It was my wish that it be on camera without their knowledge, though I wanted to see Chez Halpert, I will live. It was adorable he chose such a ordinary place to do it. I love Jim for being amazing and finally giving in, and just – it was cute. It was very much them. Kind of spontaneous, but still really much boring (in the best way possible — they make the boring extraordinary, or something — but this is a commentary on “ordinary” people).

I thought I’d share my unpopular opinion.

Computer!Pam, probably my favorite Pam talking head ever. Awesome. Thought it was out of character for Jim to first start initiating webchatting. I definitely picture them doing it at home, then Michael finding out about it and forcing Pam to webchat with him and the whole office.

They would never had made Pam an RA. Just saying. Funny bit, but… no.

I enjoyed Holly and Michael more this episode, to be honest. I love Holly. I love that she’s a “dork” (I hate the term “dork”, I think it connotates inferiority while “nerd” and “geek” are superior in a way). I hate that Michael is a dumbass, but if anyone can teach him, it’s Holly. Also, the office told her out on Kevin. Classy.

And if no one noticed, they slipped in a scene (the lunch scene) where Michael shaved his goatee, before he announces he shaved his goatee, and in between scenes where he had a goatee. Check it editor! (I love you, but I love catching continuality). Also, what’s up with Meredith’s red face in the beginning of the episode? Strange shit is going down at Dunder-Mifflin.

Angela, just break up with Andy. He is being an absolute dollface, but it’s just really sad to watch. It’s painful. And sleeping around with Dwight on the side is really unbecoming. And I am just – UGH. I really like Angela as a character, and I loved that she was subtley hypocritical, but not it’s just lame and over-the-top. Also, Rainn’s belly is kind of gross. And Andy is really sweet. And Angela needs to get back together with Dwight in a proper way.

OH KELLY. Really. AND TOBY. I loves him. 😦 Life hates him so much.

This wasn’t my favorite episode by far. I didn’t really feel it. It definitely passed quickly and I enjoyed it, but not one of my favorites.

Presidential Debate; Foreign Policy; This debate almost played out as a comedy. I thought both sides made good points [but let’s not kid ourselves and pretend I didn’t have a slant]. I am ecstatic that more of the independent population perceived Obama as the winner in every topic (from economy to Iraq to general composure). McCain did throw the curve ball with his comment about North Koreans’ height versus South Koreans’ height, which he should have explained better, although the point escapes me other than South Korea has better infrastructure, which no one is disagreeing with.

All-in-all, I felt Obama made a better stand on his issues, despite the laugh-worthy back-and-forth that ultimately results during debates. McCain sounded quite patronizing constantly spilling “what Barack doesn’t understand” a few too many times.

And this week I get to look forward to Pushing Daisies to add to my line-up! And if I watch anything new to me [I started the Psych pilot this weekend and I have a list a mile long], I will be sure to also type a little bit about that.


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