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TV round-up 2

I missed Friday’s miscellaneous post! I’m still learning.

How I Met Your Mother
Not one of the better episodes of this show. It dragged through most, but redeemed itself at the very end bit. Regis was funny. Barney was pretty funny too. The bank thing, annoying, but better than the dreadful journey finding a burger. And not letting Robin eat was just cruel. I felt bad. There were just a couple things that were over the top, including Marshall going out in his boxers. The boxer-radius was fine, but eh.

Oh, show, you just keep making silly decisions, but entertaining one. The Sylar storyline is very much intriguing. I just think he’s fascinating and I hope the writers play up the contradictions and flawed human side of him instead of blaming his issues on being evil – that’s boring.

The Haitian is back! Rock.

Mohinder is dumb. Arrogance is unbecoming.

Nikki was a clone! Holy. Hell.

Linderman is insane.

Why is this show so crazy?

Pushing Daisies
Show! You’re back! And as awesome as ever. I don’t really have much to say, I just love this show to pieces. Ned and Chuck in their underwear is pure adorable. Ned doing anything for Chuck is cute [although I am cautious of the consequences. He’s messing with the natural ecology!]. The mystery of the week was both gross and cool. Olive is more woman than I know what to do with, and her poor materialism fit her character, although disappointed me. I still love her. And I cannot wait to find out about Emerson’s daughter! This is going to be an amazing season!

Friday Night Lights

Matt barely got any time at all this episode. I will try to disregard this.

Love the Taylors. Everything about them is just good, even when they’re not the best. Principal Taylor! Coach! I love that this show is socially commenting on the lack of academic funds and the explosive amount going to sports. It’s a mighty fine topic of discussion, especially since it’s glaringly obvious when we compare American test scores to Chinese/Europeans. This is why I love this show. It’s full of lessons and entertainment!

It was bizarre to see all the new sets. Kind of sad that everything is at such a smaller scale. I hope you do well show!

Project Runway
What is there to say? Obvious editing is a bit obnoxious, but I will live. This season has been full of boring or obnoxious characters. 😦 But finale this week!

The Vice-Presidential Debate

Less than expected, but Palin did exceed my exceptions and Biden didn’t quite. Gladly, Biden still won the independent seal of approval, which I am thankful for.

Best line: “The past is a prologue to the future.”

Best Moment: Biden talking about his family and choking up, while not giving room for criticism.

I was a little surprised Palin didn’t win more independents over. I obviously have a high opinion of them. She didn’t answer most of the questions at all, but instead steered (and badly) the discussion to what she was told to talk about. She spoke vaguely, but managed to convey normal, American values well. She didn’t stumble or take too many pauses. Her constant “aw shucks” attitude was grating to me, but I’m sure speaks to her base. You could tell she wanted to stay in the vague realm because she doesn’t know national or international affairs well enough.

Biden showed how well-versed he is on a number of topics, and in good shape to advise Obama in a rational and knowledgeable way; especially to the concerns of the majority of Americans [middle-class]. I was disappointed he wasn’t allowed to be as confrontational as he could have, but I understand [this is where my disappointment was]. There was no way he could manage to correct the fallacies of Palin in anything other than ideological frames for various reasons. Biden could have done better as far as a debate, but possibly at the cost of sounding condescending [even if it is just correcting McClellen/McKiernan] and turning off independent votes. His “He’s not a Maverick” argument was quite persuasive.

Film: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

I have a soft spot for dear Mr. Cera, and really, this movie didn’t disappoint. I didn’t go in with high expectations. I think Juno was better than most teen movies, but still only slightly better than mediocre as far as movies go. I think I do like Nick & Norah better than Juno, if we are to compare this new “indie/young hipster” genre [which I don’t agree exists, and just commercial appeal to the masses through the figmentation of uniqueness and individualism]. Still, the movie was sweet and charming. There were a couple forced scenes, but overall the interactions between the characters were genuine enough for Hollywood standards. It was trying to build a new glamour. A shift from teen-queen sparkle beauty to a more low-key indie-scene. I prefer it to the former anyway.

And it doesn’t hurt that Norah and I are similar in too many ways.


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