2008 election, barack obama

This isn’t working for me.

Apparently I am awful at this blogging deal.

The tide is increasingly turning for a great Obama victory. More conservatives are endorsing him, including Christopher Buckley and David Brooks is denouncing Palin [though he’s probably secure in the McCain column]. And really, I have issues with McCain’s campaign this year, but he’s not as a bad as many other people. Just – he best stay in office the whole time because Palin is both not experienced enough nor does she have the right judgment to be in that seat.

The University of Washington also say that Polls may underestimate Obama’s support by 3 to 4 percent, researchers say. A reverse Bradley Effect in most of the country!

And hey, Design for Obama is a nifty site, even though posters and designs don’t vote nor do they sway voter’s minds. Art and feeling like you matter goes a long way.


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