Forty Four.

It has been an exciting couple weeks. I got back from DC mid-week and have been catching up on a couple days of missing class. I have to say, being in the Mall during the swearing in was literally awesome and completely worth the early wake-up call, cold, and massive crowds.

Something has been bothering me was Obama’s title of the first “Global President”, and the use of Shakira in some of the events. I know that America is the BIG-WORLD-LEADER, but it seems to me the world is just trying to take pride and credit for when America does something they deem good and ignoring and shunning all things they think America does wrong. I don’t approve. I don’t think you get to pick and choose who you are. I may not be a Bush supporter, but I will respect the office. I think respect was forgotten a few years ago, which is disappointing. I read somewhere that Bush became the leader for his base and that Obama has opened up the Presidency to lead the whole country, but that doesn’t excuse rudeness.

Maybe I’m being too protective of my Presidents, but they are mine. As much as I think President Bush did what he believed was right, that doesn’t mean I will pardon his behavior or think he shouldn’t be punished. As much as I am proud and excited for Obama to flex his diplomatic muscle and listen to foreign nations, I don’t think he is or should be the World’s President. Political enthusiasm is refreshing and will hopefully last. Also, service.

Up next I’ll try to tackle religion.


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