Right/Left Discourse in America

I’m pretty bad at keeping this “blogging” habit, aren’t I? Good thing I don’t have any readers, or maybe it’s because of… Ponder that one. (It’s probably more the latter.) Also, I rather dislike Blogger, especially its logo.

“There is no red state America; there is no blue state of America; there is the United States of America”

I just watched Right America Feeling Wronged, the new documentary by Alexandra Pelosi that aired on HBO. She followed the McCain/Palin Campaign throughout the season and put together this little documentary showcasing the feelings of the crowds. It always strikes me how groups don’t see themselves in others. The McCain/Palin crowds were under fire for their fervor and hatred, but Obama crowds were probably more enthusiastic in their fervor of a candidate. It’s (generally) true that Obama crowds were more positive than McCain crowds, but what about Kerry crowds? At a time when so many people said they were voting against Bush and not for Kerry, that hatred was seen in liberal crowds. The gloom and doom of another’s win is there in supporters of all politicians. It’s mostly exaggerated claims fueled by mindless fear, but it’s still there. On both sides.

The whole discourse would be benefitted if people just understood that mostly, we’re alike. Our policy differences are definitely real and there, sometimes intellectually and sometimes mindlessly, but an approach that ignores all the similarities, that claims claimless ill-intent, that makes up fraugulent information to make their case is no approach. But of course it’s a two-way endeavor. We’ve seen it try and fail because one side is being stubborn and more interested in their side’s gain than compromising to get anything done. This democratic system is awful slow.


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