Introducing We Brave Bees

Just changing from blogger, and this is a first post.

Most posts will be some sort of social commentary because that’s mostly what I feel like sharing. It’s what keeps me up at night thinking about, but being too tired to turn my computer back on (but also because I hear it’s not good for Herbert [the laptop]).  Many will hover around a political topic.  Too much will feel random and rambling. I enjoy it that way.

Maybe I will even talk about television, my first foray into blogging (outside the mundane  of the personal life of a twelve year old).  In all honesty, episode reviews bore me. I would only be interested in the topic if I watched the show, and if I did then I would already know what happened, so what’s the point? I will probably tie it into some sort of social commentary. It’s how my mind wanders.

Off to watch Obama on Leno now. Maybe I’ll have something to say after.


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