Where the truth lies.

I finally got caught up on the brilliant, tiny show Mad Men, since the topic I planned for this day would be far more complex and time-consuming to correctly portray in the amount of time I have right now, it’s not the worst subject.

Critics love it, as do a small but devoted segment of the television watching population. It’s a show that is rife with imperfect characters. There is no character that stays completely beloved. I personally love none of them, but they all have something to share about the complex human experience.

Set in the 1960’s ad agency, Mad Men, plays the racial and sex roles in line with the time. At first this was an uncomfortable experience. The frequency of adultery is palpable (almost everyone in a relationship has one at some point) and unnerving. The show even does a good job at trying to explain away the choices without excusing the perpetrators. It’s a fine line.

It can be difficult to get into because it can be uncomfortable to get through at first, when situations feel more one-dimentional than they appear. The writers take time crafting this experience. The characters aren’t likeable, but they hold a demented mirror to our faces. As we see the many changes from the 1960’s from now, we also see so many similarities.


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