I should work on thinking up catchier subjects.

In any case, I’m sitting here, way past due, thinking of what to write about. I have a list of topics on my right, but none strike me at the moment. But LISTS. They rule my life. That’s the wrong choice of words, they help me control my own life. Sometimes my brain works a mile a minute and I can barely holdĀ  what I need to do long enough for me to do them, so lists are there to save me from my own perils.

Number one of my list today was to write a blogpost, not that I have anything to say, but to keep the tradition alive. Lost won’t be on my list until I finish my papers (one twelve pager and another ~seven to ten pager due Monday and Tuesday respectively), which is quite a bother but a needed one. I am grossly behind on reading my favorited tweets (mostly news articles or websites to look at), and I need to catch up on my NYTimes emails.

They’re versitle, lists are. You can put anything in them and it makes sense. They keep me occupied and levels some of my stress.

Shopping lists, schedules; and the internet has made it all so much easier with different applications and RSS readers. It’s a wonderful place to be.

Of course it might not make me more productive at all; I spend all my time catching up on things I think I need to do.


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