Trying to find a topic worthwhile.

I’m really going to need to write some of these posts ahead of time so I can treat the subjects with the care they deserve. There was a nice little post from the Spiritual Atheist on Soul Pancake that reminds me that I’ve been meaning to write about my atheism  (but his definition would make me more agnostic  – I always though agnostics weren’t sure if there was a God while atheists didn’t believe in one, have I been wrong all my life?), but I’ve never given myself enough time to flesh out a proper post about it.

Another thing that has got me thinking about post subjects is The Funcooker/DVR FTW (it’s called DVR FRW, but it’s URL is The Funcooker and I like that a lot better – more like 30 Rock references FTW), which is a group blog on Tumblr all about television and all that is shown on it.  I wrote a post on Pushing Daisies and Chuck so far. My mind has been leaning more on writing about or posting things about shows that have been cancelled than ones airing now.  Freaks & Geeks, Roswell, Veronica Mars, Firefly.  I’m also incredibly excited for the Doctor Who Easter Special (article)!

To tie things up in this particularly personal post full of fun little links to other things to read, I would just like to mention I have been listening to a lot of Miniature Tigers, an indie pop band from Phoenix I recently discovered. The perfect fun spring music for the gorgeous weather we’ve been having this week.

Now that I don’t have to stress out about the various papers and registration woes that have plauged me in this short week, I will continue trudging along my Lost viewing. I’m almost done with the first season and I cannot explain why I feel such an obsessive need to continue watching. I don’t think the show is particularly of any high quality; most of the characters bore me and I am interested in none of the romantic entanglements, yet I am completely fascinated by the mythology of the island and the company, so I keep watching.


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