The Exploitation of Susan Boyle

After several days of hearing about this “Susan Boyle” I finally gave in and watch the clip last night. To be honest, I was planning on avoiding the whole thing, but then NPR talked about it, so I had to watch. (Watch here, embedding disabled.)

And you know, she’s good. She has a great voice, but I feel like most of the reason for this amazement worldwide is that she is not in the realm of accepted female beauty. She’s older (47), and frankly, looks both matronly and masculine.  It’s ironic that the thing that ordinarily make her unaccepted is the thing that has created this phenomenon (with some talent on her own).

Some think she will go far and stay famous. She may win Britain’s Got Talent, sure, but I don’t see her as a longstanding celebrity. I could very well be wrong, but it feels the same as other odd fifteen minutes of fame stories (ie William Hung, Joe the Plumber, etc.)


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