Note About Self

I really don’t want this to become one of those self-glorifying blogs. I don’t want to bring myself into what I post as an individual, but only as thoughts. I’ve been trying to figure out why writing posts on specific days have been so hard. It’s not that I don’t remember – I stay up until one or two with at least one occurrence of thinking about that night’s entry, but then I go to sleep and forget soon enough.  I’ve always been good with due dates through schooling, but it has become harder and closer to the deadline than ever before, including my blog.

I’m having a hard time over what I want this to even be, and how it should look and sound (as evidenced by my incredibly minimal layout which I’ve been meaning to change since I put it up).  I bounce from most prominent topic to the next. As much as politics and television are closest to my heart, fashion has ridden high on my list of favorites. I spent a good portion of my Thursday night looking at fashion blogs and vintage shopping online (around my viewing of The Secret Garden, 1993, with my friends – and even then I was looking at the wardrobe and wanting items).

(I just found out one of my favorite shops in my hometown, Harmony Market, has closed! I was really looking forward to some fun times this summer…)

Some things I hope to do with this blog:

  • Settle into a more distinct style.
  • Use more pictures.
  • Keep better on schedule.
  • Add some flair to the layout.
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