Chuck Bartowski: Geek Extrodinaire

In honor of tomorrow’s Chuck finale, I’m writing about the new geek chic trend.  I read an article I was searching for (I thought it was on slashdot, but now I can’t find it) about how geeks may now have their time in the sun but the nerd is still ever degraded.  There is also another discussion on SlashDot about whether or not being a geek is now cool or if it’s merely pretending to be one.  I won’t comment on what side of the fence I would fall, only that I do truly love knowledge and people who seek it.

The problem with “geek” or any of the labels is their narrow scope.  Being a geek doesn’t actually mean anything other than a societal stamp on what you’re supposed to be.  It’s quite silly, really, but we all buy into it and it grows.  There are too many types of geekdom to be accurate in any sense.  Any highly passionate group of people seem to be clumped together in the geek/nerd category. (To me dork is just a term people use to describe themselves as having silly streaks.)
Starting around Napoleon Dynamite, this new surge of geek pride has enveloped this generation settling into this new geek chic lifestyle.  But to be concerned with being geek is counter to its point.  Geek life is about doing something, learning about something you love regardless of the popularity or obscurity.  Living passion is against mainstream society, which is why geekdom has been such an adversary to popular culture.  It cares about the obscure, but not because it’s obscure.  It’s not caring about what’s cool and what’s not.  So, for it to be popularized is beside the point.
Talking about labels is really difficult because there really isn’t a truth about them.  There are some strung about stereotypes that some people assume and some people don’t.  It’s a distraction and this post a little bit unnecessary but on time!
Back to Chuck Bartowski. If you haven’t seen Chuck, what’s your excuse?  It is my favorite show out right now, and hopefully it will continue to be.  As The Office seems to be losing its mockumentuary roots, Pushing Daisies lost its contract, Chuck has stayed true and grown into its skin.  It has absolutely everything I could ask for and more. I am probably the only viewere who doesn’t care about the romance between CIA agent/handler Sarah Walker and Nerd Herder Chuck Bartowski, but everything else is enough absurd, serious, sci-fi/tech-comedy mix to keep the ridiculous comedy and action grounded.
For the record I like geeks. I like coding and type, glasses, reading, bow ties, knowledge, sci-fi. I don’t like arrogance. I’m not much a gamer but I could learn.

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