Twitter Abuse Doesn’t Detract From Its Merits

I am just having difficulty managing my time properly. I have a wonderful topic sketched out for Friday. Hopefully it will come out smoothly. I wrote most of it long hand as I was awake at around 3 in the morning earlier this week due to poor caffeine choices. Next week I think I’m going to write another post on Chuck; one much more coherent than my last post.

I’m just behind on everything; my emails are piling up, my readings, my papers, the amount of studying I have to get done. I am quite aware how trite all these things are, but they create stress and stress makes me not want to work, which leads to more stress. Vicious cycle of western modernity.

Okay, topic time: TWITTER.

If you know me, you probably have heard about my twitter addiction (I’ve told myself not to mention Twitter in verbal conversation for at least a month). If I could, I would go through each tweet I missed, but since I use a platform (TweetDeck on my computer and Twitterfon on my iPod, but I’m going to get Tweetie soon), it limits me to the last two hundred tweets.

I’m a little offended by the twitter backlash, to be honest. It’s a little bit everywhere. People who don’t use it seem to think it’s a junk application that only drones like. Drones and stupid people. It’s not a very compelling argument since every invention has its more embarrassing users. Just because some abuse or use it in a way you wouldn’t doesn’t make that thing useless.

I mostly use Twitter as a neato little news aggregate. I favorite links I want to read for later. I love it better than my Google Reader or Blogline.

It’s a fast way to share short information to people regardless of anyone actually reading it. If you don’t want to see what someone’s eating, don’t follow them. I don’t understand the complaints in regards to optional choices.  And CNN complaining that Twitter is over-hyping the Swine Flu needs to look the mirror. Twitter’s audience is the fraction of CNN (and other tv news stations). Cable news has done more to concentrate attention on what should be smaller stories than anything Twitter could do.

Twitter keeps me informed, most of what I need to know about the day’s news and other knick knack links, in one place. It’s also a blog, journal, or scrapbook. A place to share ideas, but in a smaller sense; maybe you need to link to another place, but it’s a place to start, not a destination. It’s an arena of conversation open to the public, so of course there will be people and tweets I don’t care to read, so I don’t read them. Oprah’s use (and therefore inflation of hype) annoys me, as does the CNN/Ashton Kutcher race to a million, but that’s not the core, that’s the hype.  And I don’t like when news programs use twitter instead of investigating the news same as I don’t like when they read blog comments several times in a day.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love the platform.

There’s no need to blame the tool when one doesn’t like the user. Learn the difference. It’s like trying to fix the symptom instead of the actual problem.  I could probably talk about this for a long time, so I will stop now and try to get some work done before I completely lose consciousness.

Some links.


“To Tweet or Not To Tweet” (Maureen Dowd)

10 Things I Hate About Twitter (ZDNet, Zach Whittaker)


Three Reasons To Like the Twitter Hate

In Defense of Twitter (Matt Yglesias)

How The Other Half Writes: In Defense of Twitter (BLDG BLOG) (I especially like this one.)

Unrelated: As a tiny celebration of the President’s 100th Day in office, check out the Official White House Flickr.  There are some amazing shots, I love most of them. There are too many good ones, I hate choosing just one. Looking at the set makes me want in the White House right now, sort of like when I watch The West Wing. There are serious pictures and silly pictures; romantic, platonic. Just a great selection to look through.

Photos by Pete Souza. Chosen for the amount of people.


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