Much Ado About Nothing

The past couple weeks I’ve come to pay attention to fashion more than any other time in recent memory (of which my whole life could probably be counted). Thursday night I was busy being a student to post and Friday was spent in Seattle shopping to my heart’s content (one of the few times retail therapy actually worked on me, although I passed on this adorable dress – I’m going up again on Thursday and if it’s there I am getting it). I came away with the following:

I’m pretty satisfied with my purchases, although I wish I bought more actual clothing. This growing wardrobe of mine is getting to look pretty good, but I definitely need more tops and jewelry and I’m looking for some good rompers/short playsuits to get. All the cute ones on ebay are from Australia and I don’t know if I want to pay the shipping for that.

For more of my fashion finds, visit Ideal Scraps: Fashion and Other Consumerist Finds. I was looking through etsy jewelry today. So many great ones!

More fashion hunting for me tonight, then the news!


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