Going somewhere I’ve never gone before.

I’m growing my geek-cred this weekend after an epic viewing of Star Trek.

First, I was more pumped than probably any non-Trekkie for this movie. In general, sci-fi excites me in a child-like joyful way. Second, the movie did not disappoint. Go see it if you haven’t. It’s pure awesome wrapped in pure golden entertainment.

But for this post, it’s more about my lack of sci-fi in my childhood. I’ve talked about my parents, and with the ‘being raised in an immigrant family’ situation comes the ‘not experience American pop culture the same way as your friends’. I don’t think people really appreciate how much of older pop culture they get from their parents. Although I am wise in the ways of modern entertainment to an obscene amount some of my friends would argue, and I know the general outlines of older icons, I lack the actual, physical history of watching or reading such loves. I’ve always had plans to watch Star Trek, I just never really had the chance (I’ve seen some of the show-s).  I just watched the original Star Wars this year.  Sometimes I will feign more knowledge than I hold.

It’s a slow climb both staying up with new shows/movies/music and trying to maneuver the older realms, of which sampling is harder to come by.  Usually I know enough to get by in conversation, but music is especially harder.  Not that I don’t like older things, it just takes more effort.  I wasn’t raised listening to Bob Dylan or The Stones, or watching James Bond or finding old comic books in boxes.

I’ll work on my geek quotient for the time being. This is looking to be a very sci-fi weekend. Along with more Star Trek, I’m thinking BSG is in order. (I think I’m going again with my friend tomorrow night. Rock!)

As a little sidenote, I thought Zach Quinto did a great job as Spock. The idea of Spock was always extremely attractive to me and it lived up to the promise. I’ve read some critics of Zach’s job, so I just wanted to get that out.

Social commentary links: Has Star Trek Lost Its Moral Relevance? (Newsweek) and Star Trek: The Next Generation’ eerily prescient torture episode (Slate).

I would argue against the bleakness argued in the first article (whose writing sounds a little bit juvanile and transparent in its template). The new movie has a ways to go to reach full social commentary excellence, but it isn’t completely void of substance.


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