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Half-formed thoughts.

I have about half a dozen half-written blogposts floating on my computer or in a notebook, but nothing seems to flow to an end, not that most of my posts are completely coherent.  I wonder if the microblogging phenomenon is hindering my ability for fully formed thoughts. My professors sure have had the displeasure (I’m sure) of reading my ill-constructed papers last semester (of which I will pay dearly, and I will often lay in bed at night contemplating my reasoning these past four months – guilt, guilt, guilt).  This isn’t a new problem for me, just one that has gotten larger lately.

In a world of increasing two-minute pop songs, this decrease in attention span will surely get us in more trouble than it’s worth. Many of my friends deplore their inability to read a book because they take too long, but continue on their path of ignorance, and the books they do read are shallow at best.  All books are not created equal, don’t let the reading lobby convince you otherwise.  This has ties to the Harry Potter Problem. Two hours or two weeks?

I think I’ll go lie out in the rain instead of exploring this futher. I’ll try to get back to a more regular posting schedule, if only for me.


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