Sen. Ted Kennedy; The Lion of the Senate’s roar is no more

[photo credit]

The people that make a difference in this world are still important. The Senator was a flawed man who made mistakes, but he has also made the world for some of the most underprivileged in America. It breaks my heart he can’t be here to help write and pass this health care reform, but he was such an integral part for reform to make it where it is.

Senator Edward Kennedy has passed away of brain cancer at age 77. Although this has been a great possibility since May of last year, it still didn’t feel like a real possibility until it happened. I might not have been born to watch JFK or RFK die, but American life has been shaped by these three brothers in the past fifty years. The closest thing to royalty we have, and now the last symbol of that generation (Jean Kennedy Smith is the last surviving member of that generation) has passed.

Greater and more influential people will be writing and saying their good byes to this giant of a politician. Tonight, my tiny voice also says good bye and thank you, Sen. Kennedy.


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