We Love Colors!

I’ve been eying We Love Colors‘ tights for quite some time and finally decided to buy four pairs today! I hope they come before Sunday so I can have them in case things get a little chilly in the next few weeks (I move for my junior year at university this weekend).

August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009

I don’t wear them very often, but truth be told up until last year I barely wore anything other than jeans on my top out. I only have a few (most of which have been misplaced after moving the furniture in my room; I hope to find them while packing!) all in bland colors. Brown, black, and diamond cut black. I do have a pair of purple knee highs that I’m still trying to figure out what to wear with.

And I read more fashion blogs and dissect how exactly they always have something to say and look great doing it, this blog will unfold itself.

I know this isn’t my other blog (the fact that I juggle several blogs probably makes it harder for me to find words and subjects), but I have to mention Sen. Edward Kennedy’s passing a few hours ago of brain cancer at age 77. Politics was my first love, and though it has waned in this aggravating months, it has not come close to ceasing.


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