I’m not meant to use the internet.

The past couple weeks has been more or less without internet for me. At least on my laptop, Herbert, has had a hard time connecting so I haven’t had internet for more time than just to check email. I fixed the problem (we have to use this program, SafeConnect, and I was having issues with it), so now things should be smoother.

Tomorrow after I finish some academic duties I will post all about my two days at Bumbershoot (and my outfits from there). I love music festivals, but you always have to miss so much to even catch what you want. The line-up really worried me when I first heard about it, but it ended up being an awesome time.

Here are some outfits from my first week back on campus.

Tank: Target ($4.50)
Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Thrifted / Goodwill ($5)
Shoes: Target ($10)

This was my second day of school and the first day of September. I think I should try to get out of the high waist skirt/tee/sweater look because I wear it too often, but it’s just the right amount of casual and dressed up that I like. These shoes are also a size too small, but they were on sale at the store and not online, so I snagged them. I don’t think anyone would guess they’re too small unless I told them. I love them a lot. And this skirt was at the end of an aisle when I was in Goodwill to buy some frames. I couldn’t pass it up, it was way too cute! I didn’t try it on beforehand, so thank god it fit perfectly. We were fated to be together.

Sweater: Levi ($20)
Shirt: Target ($5)
Skirt: Thifted / Goodwill University Ave. in Seattle ($10)
Tights: welovecolors
Boots: Old Navy ($5)

For some reason this outfit reminds of a remix of a schoolgirl outfit. I never wore a school uniform, but I hear it makes life much easier in the morning, not that my outfits in high school left much to be desired. Plus this was the first time I wore my welovecolors tights! The rubine color, which was less purple than I was hoping, but still looks good. Every time I put the gold/yellow tights on it looks too bright. I don’t know how I feel about them. I wish I’d bought teal or blue instead of the gold/yellow.

Shirt: Target ($6)
Sweater: Banana Republic
Skirt: Thrifted / Goodwill ($5)
Boots: Old Navy ($5)

In the Pacific Northwest, we love our salmon. This outfit is in honor of the beloved creatures who swim our waterways. I love the salmon color for clothing. It’s bright, but not blinding. It gives personality and brings a smile to your face, but it’s still classy and respectable. The day I wore this I noticed my sweater has a hole in the underarm! It’s so thin that I don’t think there’s really a way to fix this properly. I’ll still wear it because others won’t see it, but it’s an unfortunate find. The outfit is another high-waist/tee/sweater combo that I love dearly and already mentioned in this post.

That’ll be all for me tonight. I still have academia to get through. My poor walls are also screaming for me to finish decorating them. Tomorrow I will try to do a Bumbershoot post because I love it. There are two local bands I particularly loved. They might not be big names, but they were probably my favorite shows.


2 thoughts on “I’m not meant to use the internet.

  1. I love all your thrifted skirts! They fit you beautifully and they are so unique (I particular love the salmon one- and I love salmon- from the Pacific North West 😉 – I’m also in love with your $5 ($5!!) boots from old navy! You have a great eye for fabulous finds 😉

    ps- yes, I’m a huge West Wing nerd! My bf and I have WW marathons.

    • vuongat says:

      Aw shucks, thanks! I’m a big thrift-er – I just like things to be inexpensive, but not cheap. I think it’s the Asian in me.

      Story about the boots: My sister likes to buy things and then never wear them so I take them. This she wore, but was fine giving them to me for $7 (making a $2 profit) this summer since I kept taking them. They’re actually kids’ size, but probably a size too big because I am not a size 5.5 shoe.

      I was trying to watch the third season of The West Wing this summer, but never found the time. 😦 For some reason the third season is the blurriest for me, so I wanted to refresh my memory.

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