One Day ; One Skirt ; Two Ways

The weather around here has been indecisive, as normal. The mornings are always cloudy and not cold, but a little cool, but most afternoons have had the clouds disappear entirely and the sun bursting out. This leaves to a necessary wardrobe change. Like today.


Blouse: Value Village ($5)
Skirt: Wunderkind Vintage ($16)
Shoes: Bandolino
Tights: We Love Colors

My sister bought the blouse this summer and after one or two wears decided it wasn’t for her so I took it. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but it’s interesting. The different texture makes me want to keep it, but the sleeves are very different than what I’m used to. These oxfords were my favorite. I bought them in January when I was in D.C. and by May had to get the heelcaps replaced (probably due more to my walking than the shoes). I wore them at least once a week. After not wearing them all summer, my feet aren’t used to them anymore, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.


Blouse: Target ($5)
Skirt: Wunderkind Vintage ($16)
Shoes: Old Baltimore Vintage ($12)

I love keyholes in back of tops. This is usually worthless since I wear a cardigan/blazer/jacket most of the year, but I find them a delightful little surprise. And these shoes! Can you get more precious? I love Keds more on other people than on myself, but I couldn’t resist the plaid in my size at a bargain! I might go back and get some black ones from that shop. I took off the tights because it was getting warmer, as mentioned earlier and changed into more comfortable shoes.

Tomorrow, despite my vast amounts of reading, I will talk a little bit about my love for Glee, and probably a couple more outfits. See you then!


4 thoughts on “One Day ; One Skirt ; Two Ways

  1. Oh I absolutely love all the skirts you wear- and all your outfits look so unique. I would’ve never thought of buying yellow tights like that- but they look amazing on you!
    I feel the same way about keds. I’ve always wanted to wear them too because Audrey Hepburn did. (My #1 celebrity endorsement 😉

    • vuongat says:

      Aw thanks. I mentioned this before, but I lived in jeans up until a couple years ago, but I tamed my wild ways and skirts weren’t such a hassle anymore.

    • vuongat says:

      Thanks! You were actually one of the people who inspired me to wear colorful tights. I love your style! I look forward to your posts.

      Was the store that you liked Harmony’s by the Farmer’s Market? I loved that place, but it closed down before I really hit my vintage-shopping stride. 😦

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