“By it’s very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

“By it’s very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

I want to admit something. It might be a little bit early, but you will find out sooner or later (especially since I am switching to just blogging on this one), I have an addictive personality and I love television. This summer I almost forgot, but since it’s fall premiere season, I am just all in it. Right now, my favorite is Glee.

I’m sure you’ve heard about this show. Fox decided to premiere the pilot in May as a teaser after American Idol and there has been almost non-stop chatter about it on the internet ever since (partly because of Fox’s intense promotion of it). I describe Glee as a mix between Pushing Daisies, Freaks & Geeks, High School Musical, and after watching the third episode “Acafellas”, Bring It On. It’s funny and biting, a little bit of a darker sense of humor, but ultimately precious (maybe too precious from “Acafellas”) and a delight.

I even dressed up in honor of Glee (mostly Kevin McHale and his character Artie) yesterday.

Blazer: Old Navy
Tee: Target
Suspenders: Goodwill
Pants: F21
Shoes: Bandolino

It was all about the menswear for me. The Blazer, suspenders, and oxfords! It’s one of my absolute favorite types of clothing, always. They’re just wonderfully structured and classy. I wore it with a very feminine twist (very few men wear three inch stiletto heels with their oxfords), but that’s how I like my own menswear. Next week I’ll do a Emma Pillsbury in monochrome, professional, but still a little whimsy in a bright color. Probably yellow because I have a sweater in that color, but no colorful coat. I also need to acquire more whimsical necklaces.

There will be those who don’t like the show, and that’s fine. For me, it’s a delight, and I’m excited to get to the meat and bones (the actual storyline). Right now they shot thirteen episodes for the first season. Here’s to hoping Fox doesn’t cancel it prematurely (like they have a tendency to do) and allow this darling little stunner to keep trucking for a few more seasons. My one wish is to not keep them in high school forever or change cannon to keep them in school longer. I can see the show being just as strong with new kids.

And in honor of tonight’s The Office premiere, I wore my Scrantonicity tee.

I was wearing a boy’s black blazer and changed into the sweater later that day. The pictures look the same.

Blazer: Thrifted Van Heusen Black Boys Blazer ($5)
Sweater: Gap (on clearance, buy one get one free! It was probably around $10 or less after that.)
Tee: Snorg Tees ($19)
Skirt: Vintage/Thrifted ($5)
Shoes: Fairy Tales Are True ($20)


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