“I’m not very good with messy things.”

I’ve been taking inspiration this week from my favorite tv characters. After trying for a semi-Glee[k] look last Wednesday, I went for a Robin Sherbatsky-inspired number on Monday.

Blouse: Inside Vintage / Olympia
Blazer: Old Navy
Pants: F21
Shoes: Sloe Gin Betty Vintage / etsy

I love Robin and I love her style. Lily is really the clothes horse, the one who maxes out all her credit cards on designer finds, but I always identified more with Robin. She is usually in pants, which makes me think I need to get some more pants I like. She is always professionally dressed, with a hint of casual and cute. Perfect for everyday wear. If you don’t watch How I Met Your Mother, you should definitely think about trying it out. It’s a really funny show mostly anchored in real life (which I don’t find too many shows do).

And it’s Wednesday, and I said I would be playing dress-up as Emma Pillsbury, and I did!

Oh wait, that’s not me…

Sweater: Anne Taylor Loft
Blouse: Thrift / Old Navy
Skirt: Anne Taylor Loft
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Thrift / Miss Me
Necklace and ring: borrowed from a friend

It’s not perfect, but the blouse is more yellow in real life. I don’t have a yellow skirt, and decided on tights and black Mary Janes instead of my yellow shoes, but it’s pretty close. It’s as close to a costume as is socially acceptable, and since no one really would think I’m dressing as a character.

Walking around this morning I definitely felt a little different, it was like being in a costume. Maybe it is that Emma is such a distinctive character and is a little more dressed up than I feel I ordinarily am, but lots of fun. These are one of my highest heels, and I’m not completely comfortable in them, but they seemed the right amount of innocent for Emma. She is definitely a Mary Jane girl.

I’m going to do Glee Wednesdays for a while. It takes some of the indecision away, especially with a character like Emma around. I have a purple outfit for next week, I think, and a blue. Maybe I’ll wear my coral dress under my coral skirt! And pink shoes? We’ll see.

Should I stop listening to all the Glee music on repeat? “Somebody to Love” has been listened to to death since it was released Monday night, but I am surprisingly not sick of it yet. What is it about this show that makes me able to listen to a song dozens of times in a day and still want to listen to it? I don’t know, but right now I’m loving it.

PS: Dear Glee,

Don’t get all teenage soap opera on me, please. Dramatic flair can be excessive and cause me to not care about the characters or the storyline because it’s not plausible. Keep it in the realm of reality and I will love you. If not, we’ll discuss it.


And if you guys have a few spare minutes, try listening to this wonderful rendition of “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by my friend Darek. It’s for the Glee/MySpace Karaoke contest. I came up with the concept, and I think it’s pretty cute and only a tiny bit clever.

Get it? Because Finn sang it in the locker room showers and we did it in a bubble bath. Cute, right?

If the embed doesn’t work, please visit the page: LINK.

Also of note, the weather has been really great lately, but kind of obnoxious because I just want to wear autumn clothes already! I want to wear my tights and cardigans without getting insanely warm by noon and having to change! Am I the only one who feels this?


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