Bits of my week(s)

Good news, my lovely photographer friend/roommate has volunteered to do photoshoots for the blog, so instead of poor quality mirror photos in my room, we’ll start getting pretty scenic photos. Get excited!

Here are some bits of life from the past couple weeks.  I’ve been working through the yearbooks and archives in the University and there are some glorious pictures I want to share this week.

Walking to work one day I noticed this scooter and bicycle near each other. I wish I owned both.

I put some new stuff on my wall. It’s not done, but here’s a peek. The lighting makes it really hard to take any decent close-ups.

That backdrop to that last photo was probably a poor choice, but I was so excited to get my free Glee poster from FYE that I wanted to use it. I also bought Dollhouse.

I also [finally] bought The Office season five DVDs. I caved and got the Best Buy special package. I don’t know if it was worth it, but c’est la vie!

Book for class.

And a peek at today’s outfit. For the record I am wearing gray tights. My legs are not that pale. Nothing against those whose legs are, but mine are not.

A few more outfits before the end of the week and some glorious pictures from my school’s yearbooks circa 1940’s-1960’s because those are my favorite.

And remember to watch some Glee tonight!


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