Less Than Spectacular

Two things relating to personal aesthetics.

Thing one. My hair and I do not have a great relationship. My bangs (or fringe for those across the pond and elsewhere) and I especially hate horrid interactions every day. Right now they are past my nose, and I want to cut them, as always. Whenever I do cut them, they are too short and we still don’t get along. It’s a lose/lose game I play. Hopefully in the next couple weeks they will grow out of this awkward middle range and I won’t hate them.

Thing two. I mentioned that I wanted to be able to wear my autumn clothes already and have the sun stop shining on me. I lied. This week has been a change from decently warm weather (with cold mornings) to frigid, windy, sometimes rainy weather. I forgot that in the Pacific Northwest autumn doesn’t come as a slightly chill crispness, but instead it’s a cloudy, drizzly greyness. Not that I don’t appreciate the lovely greens that surround me, but rain makes the weather infinitely colder.

This is a sometimes feeling.

I tried to layer up a little more than usual. It just makes me realize that I need more cardigans/blazers/coats.

And here’s an outfit from a couple weeks ago that makes me think of fall. I don’t know why, the top is very thin, it wouldn’t keep me warm at all.

Blouse: Thrifted / Buffalo Exchange / Portland, OR / Erin Fetherston for Target
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Mossimo / Target

I thought you could see the shoes better. That’s okay. I always get complimented on these shoes. I love them, but it’s sometimes by the same people. They’ve also gotten a bit smaller since last I wore them, I think. Unfortunate, but not too bad… yet.

I love this blouse. It’s a size too big, but was too delightful to pass up! It’s just the perfect bit of feminine. Love it. This outfit isn’t what I would really pin for myself, but I rather like it. 🙂

Cardigan: Mossimo / Target
T-Shirt: The Lonely Forest (band)
Skirt: wonderkindvintage / etsy
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Thrifted / Buffalo Exchange / San Jose, CA

I found this band a few months ago. Don’t remember how. Saw them at Bumbershoot and was sold. The next day I find out I sort of know the drummer’s girlfriend. Small world! You should definitely check them out (MySpace).

Snap, I was going to post another one, but I just put the pictures on a flash (my internet was acting funny so I moved to a different location) and forgot that one. Oh well.

Until next time!


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