As a female society has told me I should be good at multitasking, but it just isn’t true. There are some things I like doing with a show or music on like laundry and writing papers. I love getting ready listening to NPR. But I can’t read with anything on in the background. I can barely pay attention the road without being distracted. I tend to forget what I’m doing if it takes a lot of brain power. I just tend to forget.

Here’s the point: I have noticed that I switch my attention every few days on the various topics I follow closely. Fashion, television/entertainment, and news. There just isn’t enough time in my day to follow each closely every day, so I have been skimming the surface of each every day, but paying attention to one or the other in three day cycles.

Blazer: Goodwill / Van Heusen ($5)
Shirt: Mossimo / Target ($6)
Skirt: Inside Vintage / Olympia ($5)
Shoes: Mossimo / Target ($15)

Sweater: Buffalo Exchange / J. Crew / Seattle ($12)
Shorts Marshalls / Bitten ($5)
Tights: We Love Colors ($8)
Shoes: Bandolino

I absolutely love this. Just casual with a nice dose of color. A good autumn outfit, or maybe a better transition from summer to fall. Too bad the day I wore this my rubine tights I was picking at them and created a large hole (more like a line). Hopefully I can fix them. I’m not a big ‘holey’ girl.


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