A few of my favorite things.

I’ve had a cough for the past week that have been steadily getting worse. All weekend I’ve been eating these like they’re candy. Not that they taste like candy, and they’re losing their potency, but they’re better than nothing.

I’ve once again been internet window shopping a bit. I’m really searching for some good closed-toe shoes, mostly boots and booties. I also hope to find some flat oxfords and other flats. I don’t think my heels will fare well in Vietnam. Being able to BUY any of these is the bigger question.

Since it’s autumn and here in the Pacific Northwest that means changing leaves, but most importantly RAIN! This means it’s important to keep those toes covered, which is unfortunate for the peep-toe loving girl like me. Some days I will risk a little damp toe to wear cute shoes, but other days…

This means I’ve been scouring the internetz (okay, mostly etsy vintage) for some new boots. The problem is I’m going to Vietnam in February, missing half of the rainy season this year! I’m trying to figure out what to buy and what to wait to buy. Here are my top four choices right now, that fit in the budget.

All pictures are linked to the original sale page, but I still am hoping to buy a couple of those. Maybe tonight.

And the all important accessories. I haven’t been a big jewelry girl, mostly because I am just rushing out before remember to put anything on, but I’m trying to change that. Also, scarves are a must must must! And I’m trying to wear more hats as well.

I’ve been watching the old Star Trek series this week too, and it’s far more Twilight Zone-y than I was expecting. Delightful as ever, but also mysterious.

More outfits soon.

Links: Actual review of the Grizzly Bear concert in Seattle

I am so excited for this:

I am even willing to wake up early to see what’s on sale. This is big for a non-morning person like myself. I’ve never bought anything from ModCloth, only coveted. If I get anything, I’ll let you know, of course.

Also, good news! Public Option (where states can opt-out, but isn’t the trigger option where it could be ‘triggered’ later) is endorsed by Harry Reid!


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