Sucker for Sale

The Mod Cloth sale was quite fruitful for me.  I never bought anything on Mod Cloth before this morning. Now I am [almost] the proud owner of two jackets, a skirt, a pair of shoes, a necklace, and a scarf. Hooray for sales! Usually the site is a little more expensive than I go for. Even with sales it’s a little more than I usually buy, but then again I am used to Goodwill and Value Village prices. Click the image for information on the items.
Mod Cloth Sale 27.10.2009 Extras

Here are a few of the items that I also wanted on sale but either didn’t buy because of money, fit, or size.  The tights I should have gotten, but forgot about before I bought them. I could always go back and ask them to put them on like I did with the gray t-straps.

My biggest disappointment was the Goldie Trench.  There was only an XL left! I wanted a yellow jacket last fall/winter. This year I wanted a dark purple jacket, but that yellow is still edging at my heartstrings.

I have no idea how that mint bow skirt would look on me, so I don’t think I’d buy it before I try it on.

One of the downsides to internet shopping is that you can’t try them on. Sometimes an item of clothing looks amazing on the hook, but horrible on the body or the other way around. Shame, shame.

Hopefully I can look through all the weekend pictures from a couple weeks ago and write a few posts.


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