Time to bundle up.

I’m probably too lazy for my own good and should find a productive hobby for myself. I used to be more inclined, then I became too indecisive – there is too much to fix in this world! Where do you start?! But one of the more frivolous subjects I want to become adequate at is knitting.

[All photos are linked to their etsy page; from top left thrush, shannongerard, pixiebell, and TheSnoodyPoodle]

I feel like my winter wardrobe is so empty with only a handful of hats, one of which my sister crocheted for me. I want more. Another little quirk my accessories drawer is in need of are knitted hair accessories. Bows! Mustaches! And just because I didn’t post any pictures of hats doesn’t mean they’re not at the top of my list, I just assumed you all know what a knitted hat looks like. Preferably slouchy because I am growing my bangs out.

Then there are the scarves. This is the year for the compact, and I have a delightfully long Gryffindor scarf made by my mother years ago that hasn’t found use yet this season. Mostly, circle scarves are longed for this season. Easy to put on and off.

So those are some of my winter wishes. That and health care reform. What are yours?


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