I am part of history

My good news/bad news of the week. Wednesday afternoon I started feeling sick with flu-like symptoms (my persistent cough, achey body, chills, fever which I didn’t realize for a day) and went to check it out the next day.

Swine Flu Test: Positive

So I was quarantined and told not to go to class the next day (I was in bed all of Thursday and didn’t go to class). Since home is less than an hour from my school, I decided to rest at home and spare my housemates any more germs than they needed. My fever was gone on Friday, but I still have a hacking cough and a semi-stuffy nose. My stomach also hurts from all the coughing.

Yesterday, I managed to catch up on almost all my shows! I haven’t decided if I am going to watch the rest of FlashForward, I’ll just marathon Heroes over the summer, and realized I will never get around to this fall season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Television is my drug of choice. I have way too many shows on my list, which is probably why I’ve been falling behind all season. The list of shows I want to watch is longer. Before I had style (because really, do I have style?) I had stories, and tv is my favorite source. I love books (and movies), but tv… my personal favorite.

I feel like waiting so long to finally watch the last two Mad Men episodes was a poor choice because I connected the dots from all the little mentions about the finale and it made everything that unfolded much less dramatic.

One of my biggest peeves this season is the lack of secondary characters. For some reason that I could choose to analyze if I wanted to, I am usually more drawn to the secondary characters than the main ones. Especially true of this show. All the characters are some of the most three dimensional and realistic (in that they all have strengths and faults) in television today. Even the most perfect lead imperfect lives and make mistakes for decisions. As much as Don and Betty’s storyline intrigues me, I want to hear more about Harry, and what’s going to happen to Sal, and I even miss the advertising pitches!

I guess the last two episodes just disappointed me because of the hype.

Other shows I caught up on:

Glee (one episode) [yes! an episode that showcased Artie and Tina! but Puck bores/aggravates me]

30 Rock (2 episodes) [always funny, but doesn’t deserve every Emmy every year]

How I Met Your Mother (1 episode) [just off this season, especially this last episode]

Community (4 episodes) [the more I watch, the more I love; especially Abed]

Parks and Recreation (2 episodes)

Project Runway (three episodes) [poor season].

(I also watch The Office and Merlin, sometimes Top Chef, going to watch V soon…) Plus I watched Star Trek V: Final Frontier, what I was told was the worst of the original cast movies and it was pretty terrible.

{I was planning on adding pictures, but my internet is too slow to deal with any extra funny business. Sigh.}


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