Living life in the fast lane.

I was always bad at keeping up with blogging. My head is just all over the place and I can never figure out a template/theme that I wanted to keep. Plus I’ve been bouncing around the coast since the end/beginning of the year. Without that type of structure, things tend to go haywire. That and I will start plenty of posts without finishing them. Sometimes I won’t finish the text, I’ll start the post and then forget for what reason I’m writing about the topic. Sometimes I will want to have pretty graphics and never get around to making them.

It’s been a weekend full of silliness, Portland, and delightful, simple mainstream pop brought to you by YouTube.

My friend Abby this summer. She’s leaving for an Israel/France excursion in a few days for the semester. ♥

Also, you should be watching Chuck (Mondays on NBC) if you’re not. This week was the premiere of the third season.

Up next, in defense of some oft-hated blokes who happen to make music. Possibly.


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