To travels and trunks.

Henceforth our country is safe,
Our mountains and rivers begin life afresh.
Peace follows war as day follows night.
We have purged our shame for a thousand centuries,
We have regained our tranquility for ten
Thousand generations.

Nguyen Trai, fifteenth century Vietnamese poet

I’m starting to ready myself for studying in Vietnam. Reading the books, sent in my VISA application (however there was a mistake in the confirmation letter, so I hope it works!), and bracing myself for any sudden bumps along the way (I always forget something, and I feel like something is going to be overlooked and I won’t be able to go). I’m not sure if I’m going to use this blog, another one I have, or create another one. The only problem with creating another one is that’s just another I’m taking over.

Life’s full of nervous anticipation at the moment. Nerves, excitement, fear, all of it. I do need to work on my Vietnamese. It’s not very good, and it gets worse when I get nervous, which I will be when I get there.


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