SOTUS Report 3020; Acronyms Are the New Spell It Out.

  • I love watching the crowd and people walking in. Supreme Court followed by great applause for our first lady. She is grand (and that purple is a great color). Then cabinet! (I wonder who’s staying back tonight.) Some of the most fun moments are recognizing faces and names. Yes, I am a nerd.
  • President! APPLAUSE! And schmoozing. Our president is so ~cool. (And that cute little wave to Michelle? Those two.)
  • I think I’m expecting high rhetoric with this opening. Probably a good choice, if he chooses it. I didn’t want to spoil myself so I didn’t read the excerpts.
  • Starting very much like a campaign speech. Blaming Washington, uplifting, hopeful. Harder to swallow from the President instead of a candidate?
  • Wallstreet is such an easy scapegoat. (Ohh, joke! “It was as popular as a root canal.”)
  • Yes to the right vs. easy choice. Governing is full of difficult decisions, people! We have become too compliant to short-term fixes with long-tern consequences.
  • TAX CUTS! Pandering is what I call it. Tax cuts don’t solve every problem, or even most. SIGH. We call for deficit reduction, but we are unwilling to PAY IT OFF? No wonder being a politician is a thankless job.
  • Government guarenteeing jobs, isn’t this Socialism!? Not that I don’t agree, I just wonder about people’s thought processes when they criticize.
  • The transcripting man does not look happy, but he has a snazzy yellow tie.
  • “How long should we wait? Washington has told us to wait for decades.” Long term! Good talk, and people should recognize the difficulties in getting things done, especially when poll numbers go down when anyone tries anything ambitious. We should not be a society of stagnation.
  • Nuclear? Off-shore drilling? Should that REALLY be a priority? Clean coal? Does that even exist? CLIMATE CHANGE BILL! Change I can believe in.
  • Exports, huh? Doubling in five years? This doesn’t sound good for the already weak dollar. Also should be on the list: cutting down on the number of subsidies we give out to industries for a truly free trade.
  • Education reform! Not a sexy media topic, but very important, and his administration has taken some good first steps in the first year.
  • As a college student, I agree with this reform.
  • Health insurance reform. Hm, tough tough. “I didn’t take on health insurance reform because it’s good politics.”
  • “I want to acknowledge our First Lady, Michelle Obama, who this year is creating a national movement to tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity and make our kids healthier.I want to acknowledge our First Lady, Michelle Obama, who this year is creating a national movement to tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity and make our kids healthier. Thank you, honey.” It all starts at childhood. Also, they are adorable, it’s true. Maybe a little too much for some, but I love it.
  • It should have been touted as a cost-saver much harder during the legislation process. We still have time? Probably starting over.
  • Fighting for the voiceless.
  • Dems have been asking for bi-partisanship, Republicans drag their feet and claim to be trying to help. FIGHT ON (for health care reform)!
  • Deficit reduction. More complicated than it sounds. And using executive order. Big man on campus!
  • ZING! Former administration, zing.
  • Campaign fianace ruling in the Supreme Court. Awkward.
  • Earmarks! The internet is the future, Congress.
  • “None of these reforms will even happen if we don’t also reform how we work with one another.” Two way street.  “But what frustrates the American people is a Washington where every day is Election Day.” The way congress works, so infuriating.
  • “And if the Republican leadership is going to insist that sixty votes in the Senate are required to do any business at all in this town, then the responsibility to govern is now yours as well. Just saying no to everything may be good short-term politics, but it’s not leadership. We were sent here to serve our citizens, not our ambitions.”
  • Stand beside dignity and freedom, however we have no right to force our system on others. It comes in different shades sometimes. It’s a hard line to walk to not overstep our lines.
  • Down with “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”! Equal Pay Law! What up, equality, it’s the United States!
  • This spirit of change, it has touched me. He can’t do this alone, America. Let’s do this!
  • “But remember this – I never suggested that change would be easy, or that I can do it alone. Democracy in a nation of three hundred million people can be noisy and messy and complicated. And when you try to do big things and make big changes, it stirs passions and controversy. That’s just how it is.Those of us in public office can respond to this reality by playing it safe and avoid telling hard truths. We can do what’s necessary to keep our poll numbers high, and get through the next election instead of doing what’s best for the next generation.”


  • Economy
  • Financial reform
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Health Insurance Reform
  • Deficit
  • Congressional obstructionism and partisanship
  • Afghanistan
  • Supporting military/veterans
  • Disarmament
  • Foreign aid / Human Rights / Haiti
  • American ideals

Whole Transcript

PS: I’m pretty sure HuffPost wanted to kill people with their ridiculous SOTU drinking game.

Pretty touching speech, for me. Lots of Washington blaming. Very independent-minded. Still some high rhetoric. And now some Republican response from Gov. McDonnell from Virginia.

  • What a ~diverse backdrop, Governor. And what a lovely building.
  • Speaking after Obama must be a nerve-wrecking job. The presentation is important.
  • “Doing too much” is just a euphemism of “we don’t want you to do that”.
  • “Proper limited role of government at every level.” Depends on who you ask.
  • “We want cooperation not partisanship.” You have a hard time of showing it.
  • “Best health care system in the world.” Statistics (infant mortality, average lifespan, cost, etc) say otherwise, BY FAR.
  • A website, twitter, and facebook, is that suppose to be impressive?
  • So, are you pro-torture just because they’re ~not citizens? I’ve been watching too much Battlestar Galactica, but it’s too similar to the CYLONS AREN’T PEOPLE argument.
  • Opening opportunity; does this mean Repubs are changing their platform? I thought they believe America is perfect and already gives same opportunity?
  • Didn’t blow it like Jindal, still lacking some substance.

Well, that was fun.


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