Southern Independence

Today (April 30th) was South Vietnam’s Independence Day, celebrated throughout the country and especially here. Music was blasting across the street the entire day and the road was blocked off for what I found out was a bike race of some type. It still doesn’t make a lot of sense and no one will explain it to me. But it’s also a three-day weekend and many of the people I know in Saigon left to travel.

As I was strolling around the park this morning, I did notice something about style, especially women’s style. Either they are extremely fashionable and I approve, or it’s incredibly ghastly I don’t know why they left the house. There are people who lie in-between, but less than in the states, at least where I’m from. There was one particular dress I loved that I caught on camera. I was too shy to go up and ask to take others’ photos, but I had a fun time people watching, trying to mental notes of trends I wanted to try later.

I was nothing to write home about. A red t-shirt, some blue Kensie shorts, and brown sandals.

The rest of my time in Saigon, there’s my research project to deal with, but I also want to take more pictures of the city that I’ve spent a good amount of time in, but haven’t documented much. I plan on spending some time outside my hotel room tomorrow (shock! – but being alone in the city is daunting!), and hopefully do more shopping this week because I have the bug and a long list to try to get through before going back to the states. Of course I am here another three months, but the program ends in less than a month and my internal clock is on that schedule.


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