day life

Day life: Fun in Portland-town

I am terribly irregular when it comes to posting. This is why my life is contained in lists most of the year. I did go to Portland this weekend to visit some friends and my favorite city.

The first stop was to the Bridgeport Ale House on Hawthorne. I got the porter, yum!

We stopped to smell the roses on the way to renting some movies at…

Movie Madness! Where you can find fun movie memorabilia collected by the owner. We rented the fourth season of Doctor Who for my friend Abby and her parents’ marathon of the new series, and The Brothers Bloom with Mark Ruffalo, Adrien Brody, and Rachel Weiss. Loved the movie, disappointed in the end, sort of. I put my own theory to the ending that I love.

The next night we went to Movie in the Park and watched Pretty in Pink. Here’s the pink Voodoo Donuts’ truck!

Afterwards, we dropped by the Pied Cow for some warm drinks and conversation trying to do a British accent. We did manage to go through almost the entire conversation bumbling through sounding slightly-British, but would drop it when we talked to the waitress.
Two less-personalized posts to be up this week. Summer reading, and SHOES!

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