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Reading list: July/August 2010

First. Happy Belated 49th Birthday to my President.
Second. A little relief in the overturning of proposition 8 in California for now. Longer thoughts later. (A little bit from me here.)

And third, my pile of books and other readings:
From left to right. You Shall Know Our Velocity by David Eggers. I’m almost done with this one and it’s brilliant, as Eggers is to me. A fictional travel memoir about two lost boys in their twenties. Pretty great.

The Mars Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. This is not your light and fluffy read, though it is short (268 pages, big font and small pages). Series of vingettes (are they that?) during the time Earth starts expeditions to Mars. As Ray says, it’s not really a sci-fi novel, it’s a human novel that takes place on another planet.
Livability by Jon Raymond. Short stories about middle-class living in America to cleanse the palate.

So, I call myself a geek, but I’m not a comic book reader, as much as I’ve wanted to be. I’m starting now. I did read a few Scott Pilgrim graphic novels a couple summers ago, and soon I will start with Watchmen.
I don’t know why this photo is vertical like this because the file certainly is not. I like fashion magazines. Pictured are Vanity Fairs and Elles and a New Yorker. I also enjoy Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, Lucky, The Atlantic, etc.
Now it’s bedtime because I have to wake up in eight hours to get to work. (I was able to get my work study job a few weeks early!)


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