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Distracted Media: Islamaphobia versus important stories

{image source: uzairm, NASA}

Really, this fiasco surrounding the Islamic community center two blocks from ground zero is completely absurd, but I figure I would officially put my claim to the “endorsing it” camp. There are a million other places to get a play-by-play of all the hatred flowing around surrounding Park51 and, I guess since it matters?, the is-Obama-a-Muslim debate, which of course matters.

Instead, I’ll focus this little post on the tragedy occurring in Pakistan right now.
  • 20% of the country is flooded.
  • 5-6 million are displaced.
  • 20 million affected, 6 million children.
  • 2.7 million in need of life-saving medical attention
Ways to help:
More photos:
For more cheeriness, UN Dispatch’s top five most ignored humanitarian crises.

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