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TV Round Up: 30 Rock, The Office, Fringe, and Undercovers

Hello patient readers! I’m going to try to start a better posting schedule so I can refresh my brain and organize my thoughts better. Of course, this is not the best week for me to be starting, but we shall see how it passes!
Out of schedule, I would like to share a few little snippit thoughts on some shows this week. This Thursday in particular was amazing for me as a viewer.
30 Rock, The Office, and Fringe were my far my favorites. Those episodes are some of my favorite of the entire series of the shows thus far.

30 Rock because I am a sucker for politics and I loved Queen Latifah’s Representative Regina Bookman. I hope she comes back. The race dialogue in the show was especially interesting as I just finished reading Watching Race by Herman Gray that dissects presentations of blackness in television in the 1980’s and early 90’s, including the role of exceptionalism (Twofer) that is explored in the episode.

The Office was just pitch perfect for me. I’m one to still have high regard for the show since Jim and Pam got together. I think the writing is still superb week-to-week, even if my fan enthusiasm has waned, but this week just filled me with joy. Seeing Andy sing, the unrequited aspect of his feelings for Erin, seeing Jim and Pam grow up, Michael’s silly shenanigans, Darryl. It all just worked so perfectly. I laughed, I ached, I did all the things that needs to be done. It probably comes down to seeing Andy in Sweeney Todd.

And Fringe. Playing with the new alt!world is allowing the show to grow more than it would have normally. Watching Olivia try to retain her old memories and getting to know the alt!world is more memorizing than I expected. It’s like seeing another side to the characters you know and love.

As far as least favorite, Undercovers was underwhelming for me this week. I am a fan of the lightheartedness of the show, and the spy genre in general, but this week was flatter than the other two. I’ll keep on it because I still find the show charming and cute, nothing serious to wrap my brain around, but I am finding their trope a little trite and I don’t know how long I can keep it up if every episode is the same. Let’s see some development! Just a little? It doesn’t have to be a super serious spy show to have some substance.

These are not the only shows I watch, but I just felt so much love for these episodes I had to share.

{Photos from FOX and NBC}

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