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March: favorites and finds

Blog Crushes!

I’ve been reading this blog for a while and love her thrifting adventures!

Found this girl last month and am forever delighted by her words, images, and style.

The Good Wife
I watched the first season in a week and I’m in the middle of the second season. I will definitely be caught up by the end of the week, probably by mid-week and it full of glory for me. I love the little politico in-jokes (Rahm! Ben Smith! etc. etc.). I don’t love everything (the kids are annoying, I’m already bored with Blake since he’s only been a device to further Kalinda’s backstory), but overall it’s ace. And a character Matt Czuchry plays I can get behind! And I’m a little infatuated (read: completely) with Will Gardner even though I shouldn’t be.
Next up: season three Merlin or Twin Peaks. I’m betting the latter will happen. Excited!

And I already posted some of my favorite music as of late, but some new Childish Gambino
never hurt anyone, right? (I still recommend The Head and the Heart and The Lonely Forest wholeheartedly.)


This is just a cheat because I bought some goodies at the NBC Store. I also got something from Friday Night Lights but forgot to photograph it. 🙂
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No time for sleep: TV and NYC

First off, this week’s comedy line-up was superb! I am mostly speaking about How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Community, The Office, and Parks and Rec. All incredibly funny and touching in 22 minutes or less this week.

Next, some photos from New York. I had the most amazing time last week traversing the city. I cannot wait to go back! I stayed at a friend’s family friend’s condo in midtown, right across the street from the CBS studio by the river. Couldn’t have asked for more!
Times Square Broadway advertisements
Across the river is Jersey
NYC Skyline
Sunday: Just arrived. Walk through Chelsea with some locals (friend’s great-aunt and uncle). Japanese food, then Turkish coffee/tea and dessert. Peruse Times Square. Happythankyoumoreplease at Angelika’s Film Center.
Spring Break home
Times' Square

Monday: Shopping in Soho. Spring Street Natural for lunch. Japanese erotica for dinner. Drinks and midnight diner food with friends.

Whoops. No photos to post.

Tuesday: Soho, Nolita, and Greenwich trekking (more shopping). Junior’s Diner for brunch. Magnolia’s in Soho. Meme for early dinner. Memphis on Broadway. Serendipity for night desserts. Bumped into Katie Holmes and Suri. Paparazzi swarm.

Greenwich homes
Pigeon Man at NYU
Marc by Marc in NYC
Magnolia's in Soho
Little Blue Door

Wednesday: 30 Rockefeller Center. NBC Tour [lame]. Magnolia’s on 6th. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon taping [awesome]. Amy Poehler and Tiger Woods. Bill Cunningham New York at Film Forum [recommended].

30 Rockefeller Center
Late Night set
The Rainbow Room
Serendipity at night

Thursday: Brooklyn. Art museum and botanical garden. Jamaican for lunch. Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope. The Chocolate Room. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway [with Dan Radcliffe].

Brooklyn on St. Patrick's Day
Brooklyn Museum
Norman at Brooklyn Museum
Tipi at Brooklyn Museum
Botanical garden's pond in winter
How to Succeed... revival on Broadway

Friday: Lower Eastside [Kat’s Deli]. Chinatown. Gremacy Park. Upper Eastside. Bloomingdale’s. Goodwill. Dean and Deluca. Metropolitan Museum.

Katz's Deli
Katz's Diner's food
Gramercy Park
St. George's at Gramercy Park
Van Gogh at the Met
Knights at the Met

We didn’t take as many photos as we should have, but that just shows how much we were enjoying our time, right?
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February 2011: New Month, New Favorites.


I haven’t shared this before, so I will say: I love Parks and Recreation. It’s cute, it’s funny, and it’s a love letter to local government. A delightful little show that had a really rocky start, but grew into itself in its second season and is blooming in its third season [which started up in January]. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it! If Amy Poehler is not enough to make you watch, I am now in love with Adam Scott [not the first time] and Aziz brings a necessary kick – but let’s face it, this is an ensemble show that makes great use of all its characters. It’s beat Community as my favorite comedy this season. [Bored to Death is now my number two.]

As an ode to my favorite drama for the past five years – Friday Night Lights will be a beacon to me for network drama. It gets a lot of flack for being “a show about football”, but as a non-sports fan, I still love this show to pieces. It’s about family, growing up, and making the right choices. Brilliant acting, brilliant writing, brilliant cinematography. This show is my heart. It also might be an unpopular opinion, but I like the new cast better than the old.

GAP Winter 2010 ; striped sweater GAP Winter 2010 ; men's wool stretch sweater GAP Winter 2010 ; grey sweater (l)
Ann Taylor Loft winter 2009 ; plaid cape Ann Taylor Loft ; wool skinny pants Ann Taylor Loft Winter 2009 ; green poncho sweater
My go-to winter wear has been oversized sweaters and wool in general. Especially Ann Taylor Loft cape. The cape I bought last winter at a ridiculous sale price. It was the last one in the store and it was in my size [and an extra 50% off because it was in the sale section!]. I was wanting it the entire winter, and found it. I went off to Vietnam a few weeks after I bought it, so it has only this year gotten a lot of wear.
Thanks to their half of sale sales, Ann Taylor Loft and GAP have made a nice home in my wardrobe as of late, and growing.

The Coveted [edited: it is now The Coveteur] is my favorite January find. Click on a post, scroll to the bottom, click on a picture, and you have a wonderful slideshow of a fashion industry-er’s favorite items and some stories behind them. An absolute thrill, and great photography! It deserves a post of its own, but because I am a horrible blogger, it gets this mention. Not only does it have amazing photography and fashion, the design of the site is unique and fresh. The front page is a collection of posts, in each post is a blurb about a fashion insider, some of their favorite inspiration from the web. Scroll down and there’s a series of pictures of their things in their home. Hover over a photo and you get a blurb about the image. Click on the image and you have a sildeshow with the blurbs and images that you can control with your keyboard or by clicking! I’m in love.


Uprisings in MENA [Middle East, Northern Africa] has made me glued to my twitter and grown my instaread by leaps and bounds. I’m pretty flexible about government styles, but I do believe in a responsive government. Historic moment right now. Let’s let their voices heard.
This was fun! New plan: favorites post about whatever tickles my fancy. Hopefully I will be posting again soon!
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TV Round Up: 30 Rock, The Office, Fringe, and Undercovers

Hello patient readers! I’m going to try to start a better posting schedule so I can refresh my brain and organize my thoughts better. Of course, this is not the best week for me to be starting, but we shall see how it passes!
Out of schedule, I would like to share a few little snippit thoughts on some shows this week. This Thursday in particular was amazing for me as a viewer.
30 Rock, The Office, and Fringe were my far my favorites. Those episodes are some of my favorite of the entire series of the shows thus far.

30 Rock because I am a sucker for politics and I loved Queen Latifah’s Representative Regina Bookman. I hope she comes back. The race dialogue in the show was especially interesting as I just finished reading Watching Race by Herman Gray that dissects presentations of blackness in television in the 1980’s and early 90’s, including the role of exceptionalism (Twofer) that is explored in the episode.

The Office was just pitch perfect for me. I’m one to still have high regard for the show since Jim and Pam got together. I think the writing is still superb week-to-week, even if my fan enthusiasm has waned, but this week just filled me with joy. Seeing Andy sing, the unrequited aspect of his feelings for Erin, seeing Jim and Pam grow up, Michael’s silly shenanigans, Darryl. It all just worked so perfectly. I laughed, I ached, I did all the things that needs to be done. It probably comes down to seeing Andy in Sweeney Todd.

And Fringe. Playing with the new alt!world is allowing the show to grow more than it would have normally. Watching Olivia try to retain her old memories and getting to know the alt!world is more memorizing than I expected. It’s like seeing another side to the characters you know and love.

As far as least favorite, Undercovers was underwhelming for me this week. I am a fan of the lightheartedness of the show, and the spy genre in general, but this week was flatter than the other two. I’ll keep on it because I still find the show charming and cute, nothing serious to wrap my brain around, but I am finding their trope a little trite and I don’t know how long I can keep it up if every episode is the same. Let’s see some development! Just a little? It doesn’t have to be a super serious spy show to have some substance.

These are not the only shows I watch, but I just felt so much love for these episodes I had to share.

{Photos from FOX and NBC}
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Day life: 2010 – 07 – 23 / 24

I hope everyone had a happy weekend. Mine was mostly filled with sunny skies, a little shopping, some Project Runway and Star Trek

I finally bought some alcohol in the states after turning 21 abroad five months ago. It feels good to just have a beer and watch some of my favorite tv or with a meal.

I love these sandals and can’t wait to take them out when the sun starts shining! They’re a little too big, so I wear them with inserts, but aren’t they darling? Just a little sneak peak at a summer shoe post soon.

And my two buys at A Rusty Rooster in my hometown. It’s a lovely little antique store with little odds and ends that I adore. It looks like a lot of things were marked down (unusual), but it means I will probably be back several more times this summer. But first, I need to find a leather strap for this lovely satchel. The leather is buttery soft now, and the inside is roomy will all sorts of compartments! And it was only $2.40 (marked down from a reasonable $6.70). Crazy good.
The other purchase was a muffin tin to keep some of my earrings in.
Not very exciting, but a couple other things filling my time has been:
  • Comic Con news! (Especially the hilarious Community panel – and of course the pen-eye stabbing! CRAZY!)
  • Finding out that my Representative in DC is retiring (Rep. Brian Baird) from leafing through my voter’s pamphlet. Right now I’m voting for Denny Heck.
  • And, of course, Mad Men fever! (my favorite link so far: creator Matt Weiner being interviewed by the amazing Diane Sawyer)

Here’s to another great week! And it should be as I will be in Portland starting on Thursday to see some of my favorite people.
ETA: I’m also on the lookout for: a new mobile phone (upgrade time! – I’m considering an iPhone, but unsure) and a new camera (pretty… please? But my sister is letting me use her’s for now). Any comments/suggestions are wanted!
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Summer Obsession: SYTYCD

For years, one of my favorite parts of summer has been the chance to catch the delightful dance competition So You Think You Can Dance, often shortened to SYTYCD, and their ever-changing, personality-filled contestants. This year is no different, even if the formula has changed slightly by cutting the dancers in half and adding all-stars. Although I think the producers’ hearts were in the right place, I’m not sure it was the best of decisions. I love my all-stars (I have watched every season), but the other contestants shone a little less (less time to get to know them too) plus the all-stars barely talk.

I’m happy with Adam Shankman being a regular judge (love him!), but I miss the rotating guest judges and I’m not that impressed with Mia every week (her love for José and mistrust of Kent irks me – mostly her love of José). I am glad Mary is no longer here, but sometimes I do miss her enthusiastic praise.
This year, it has been the year of the boys. Taking out the top twenty and putting in a top eleven (with six boys and five girls), left the dancers at the tweenage girls’ mercy and the girls mostly lost. It was sad to see, but I have to admit that my favorites were boys too. Pretty much all of them. But the only one I truly dislike this season is also male (José, who probably wouldn’t have made it to the top ten in a regular season – personality without talent for other styles can only take you so far).
My favorite? Alex Wong. HANDS DOWN. Amazing dancer. Heartbreaking that he left all too soon because of an injury. (Also, what is up with all the injuries this season? They obviously need to change something – three weeks in a row!)
Second favorite? Kent Boyd. So effing cute. I can barely handle it. He is just full of “aw shucks” good looks and boy is he talented. Really. And he’s grown so much as a dancer!
Lauren (and Ashley) warmed their way to my heart too. And I did mention I love all the boys other than José. And I thought Lexie left too soon. And probably Maria.
With those left, I might choose Robert to be my favorite to win. Or Lauren. IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE! They’re all so lovely (except José). Here’s to hoping Billy is well enough to continue on tomorrow! (I also adore Billy. And Adé Cheké.)
Apologies for the un-uniform picture sizes. Lack of images (and the amount of time to fix images) is the number one reason I post so sporadically.
Anyway, with So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Next Dance Crew, I have no idea why anyone would watch Dancing with the Stars. Why suffer through badly danced, simple routines when you can watch quality dancing with complex choreography is beyond my comprehension.
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TV round-up 2

I missed Friday’s miscellaneous post! I’m still learning.

How I Met Your Mother
Not one of the better episodes of this show. It dragged through most, but redeemed itself at the very end bit. Regis was funny. Barney was pretty funny too. The bank thing, annoying, but better than the dreadful journey finding a burger. And not letting Robin eat was just cruel. I felt bad. There were just a couple things that were over the top, including Marshall going out in his boxers. The boxer-radius was fine, but eh.

Oh, show, you just keep making silly decisions, but entertaining one. The Sylar storyline is very much intriguing. I just think he’s fascinating and I hope the writers play up the contradictions and flawed human side of him instead of blaming his issues on being evil – that’s boring.

The Haitian is back! Rock.

Mohinder is dumb. Arrogance is unbecoming.

Nikki was a clone! Holy. Hell.

Linderman is insane.

Why is this show so crazy?

Pushing Daisies
Show! You’re back! And as awesome as ever. I don’t really have much to say, I just love this show to pieces. Ned and Chuck in their underwear is pure adorable. Ned doing anything for Chuck is cute [although I am cautious of the consequences. He’s messing with the natural ecology!]. The mystery of the week was both gross and cool. Olive is more woman than I know what to do with, and her poor materialism fit her character, although disappointed me. I still love her. And I cannot wait to find out about Emerson’s daughter! This is going to be an amazing season!

Friday Night Lights

Matt barely got any time at all this episode. I will try to disregard this.

Love the Taylors. Everything about them is just good, even when they’re not the best. Principal Taylor! Coach! I love that this show is socially commenting on the lack of academic funds and the explosive amount going to sports. It’s a mighty fine topic of discussion, especially since it’s glaringly obvious when we compare American test scores to Chinese/Europeans. This is why I love this show. It’s full of lessons and entertainment!

It was bizarre to see all the new sets. Kind of sad that everything is at such a smaller scale. I hope you do well show!

Project Runway
What is there to say? Obvious editing is a bit obnoxious, but I will live. This season has been full of boring or obnoxious characters. 😦 But finale this week!

The Vice-Presidential Debate

Less than expected, but Palin did exceed my exceptions and Biden didn’t quite. Gladly, Biden still won the independent seal of approval, which I am thankful for.

Best line: “The past is a prologue to the future.”

Best Moment: Biden talking about his family and choking up, while not giving room for criticism.

I was a little surprised Palin didn’t win more independents over. I obviously have a high opinion of them. She didn’t answer most of the questions at all, but instead steered (and badly) the discussion to what she was told to talk about. She spoke vaguely, but managed to convey normal, American values well. She didn’t stumble or take too many pauses. Her constant “aw shucks” attitude was grating to me, but I’m sure speaks to her base. You could tell she wanted to stay in the vague realm because she doesn’t know national or international affairs well enough.

Biden showed how well-versed he is on a number of topics, and in good shape to advise Obama in a rational and knowledgeable way; especially to the concerns of the majority of Americans [middle-class]. I was disappointed he wasn’t allowed to be as confrontational as he could have, but I understand [this is where my disappointment was]. There was no way he could manage to correct the fallacies of Palin in anything other than ideological frames for various reasons. Biden could have done better as far as a debate, but possibly at the cost of sounding condescending [even if it is just correcting McClellen/McKiernan] and turning off independent votes. His “He’s not a Maverick” argument was quite persuasive.

Film: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

I have a soft spot for dear Mr. Cera, and really, this movie didn’t disappoint. I didn’t go in with high expectations. I think Juno was better than most teen movies, but still only slightly better than mediocre as far as movies go. I think I do like Nick & Norah better than Juno, if we are to compare this new “indie/young hipster” genre [which I don’t agree exists, and just commercial appeal to the masses through the figmentation of uniqueness and individualism]. Still, the movie was sweet and charming. There were a couple forced scenes, but overall the interactions between the characters were genuine enough for Hollywood standards. It was trying to build a new glamour. A shift from teen-queen sparkle beauty to a more low-key indie-scene. I prefer it to the former anyway.

And it doesn’t hurt that Norah and I are similar in too many ways.