Things making me happy this week: May 1 -7, 2011

Bossypants on audiobook: Tina Fey making voices and reading this is a gem even more than reading it in your head. I promise. This is how she wanted you toexperience it. What makes it extra special is this free audiobook coupon with a fourteen day trial at audible.com.

Positive, heartwarming comedy: Parks and Recreation and Jimmy Fallon are bringing the cuddly into comedy in the best way. Sure, there was a woman-on-woman fight scene in this week’s Parks, but the end scene with Leslie and Ron was sure to make even the most heart-hard (is that even a thing? I might have just made it up) viewer say a silent “aw”. And Elmo on Fallon was part precious, part hilarious, and slightly crude in the world of Sesame Street. It was still 100% adorable.

Celebrity fangirls:

I haven’t read the Hunger Games trilogy yet, but it’s on the top of my summer reading list.
Graduating: Sure it was raining and windy, but four years over in a blink. Now it’s time to find a job, both exciting and nervewrecking.


TV in 7 words: May 2 – 6

How I Met Your Mother

The Good Wife
Frustrating characters make for great complex television.

Modern Family
Perfect show for Mother’s Day, just as needed.

It’s back to form. I’m loving it.
Parks and Recreation
A break from sexual tension, just as needed.
The Office
Where’s Michael Scott? Don’t worry, still funny.
30 Rock
Weird show is still weird, that’s all.
The Big Bang Theory
Mind-numbing sitcom. Amy is a favorite.

What!?! Countdown to fall premiere starts now.
Doctor Who
Never thought pirates could be boring.

Seven years bad luck…

My poor mirror fell face first from my vanity set-up [pool cue rack with drawer and mirror]. Not a great way to start my [lunar] new year or my 22nd year of life! It’s worse feeling like I could have stopped it. It’s been two days [well, a day and a half], and I still haven’t cleaned it up yet.

Even death is not feared by those who lived wisely.

My great grandmother passed away last Sundayv (she’s the eldest woman in the photos – mother of my mother’s father). The subject is a quote from the Buddha.

I’ve learned more in the past few days about my family’s religious traditions than I have the rest of the time I’ve been alive. In the Vietnamese-Buddhist tradition, there are many Buddhas that are venerated (sixty-two, I think). My great grandmother’s funeral rituals lasted more or less two days. Rituals continue for another lifetime as kin keep the spirit of the dead alive. My father is anti-organized religion, but it was enlightening (pardon the pun) to see a religious side of my mother’s family. My great grandmother was very religious; she meditated and read Buddhist prayer everyday, and even kept vegetarian for decades. The remains after her cremation left purple and green bone fragments that, according to Vietnamese lore, means she’s resting with the Buddhas in the sky/heavens. This has been one of the few times I’ve hoped for an afterlife. My great grandmother was one of the most patient, kind-hearted, gracious person I’ve ever met. Even though we had massive language barrier, I could tell that she was a pure and genuine person. She was religious, but not preach-y. She grew up when women didn’t go to school and was forced to marry young, having only my grandfather. She was forgiving to a fault, and I do hope she’s resting peacefully now. After her long life, she deserves the best any world can show.

Hello Twenty-Eleven

“Before, this city was like a geeky kid sister, and now it’s getting noticed by all the older boys. We’ve got curves now.” [Helena Andrews, one of BLTWY’s 35 under 35 who is changing Washington D.C.]

2011 means a lot to me as a soon-to-be college graduate. So I, more than some, hope 2011 shapes out to be one of my best years yet. I might still consider myself the geeky kid sister (despite being an older sister), but by the middle of the year, I hope to be sitting in or around D.C., making a life for my twenty-something self.

I’ve also started a new tumblr for excerpts of news articles and some commentary if anyone wants to check it out.

Ideas and renovation.

Moving to blogspot. With my changing format, I feel like changing servers is due. It’s been fun. I’m keeping the name.

I signed up for a bloglovin account, but I don’t know if I’ll use it regularly. I might use it for the “socializing” aspect, but google reader is easier for me for blog browsing.


Back and back.

I think it’s probably obvious I’m not the greatest blogger, however I am trying to up the ante from now on. I’ve also decided I’m not going to continue outfit posts.

I am back in the United States and very grateful. There are a few things I miss, of course, but there hasn’t been any trouble or culture shock coming home.  I did enjoy my first drive around town [lots of shopping involved, let me tell you].  Driving was completely normal to me, but I might have felt a little more exuberance and gratefulness to be able to just go somewhere without it being an event.

One thing I’m getting used to is how late the sun sets now!  In Vietnam, it would be completely dark by 6:30 every night, but here, now, it isn’t completely dark until 10:30 or so. Crazy! I keep thinking it’s a lot earlier than it actually is.  I leave you with a picture outside my window around 7:30 a couple nights ago.

PS: I’ve been using google reader for my blog readings, but I’ve been considering the switch to bloglovin. Any comments?